This is an urgent message to all humans everywhere,

Based on my experience, connections, and the information that I'm reviewing I need to issue an urgent call for action. The stakes have never been higher. The global atmosphere of fear is making people vulnerable to manipulation.  History has shown us that in times of crises we see our human rights stripped from us in the name of our protection.

I'm seeing sensible, intelligent people, friends, family, and elected representatives willing to sacrifice their basic human rights in response to this COVID crisis. Now is not the time to sit and wait on the sidelines as our way of life gets steamrolled; it's more important than ever that we fight for the life that we want for ourselves, for our children, for our grandchildren. At the end of the day, we need to think critically about our situation and act with honour and integrity.  We need to think about the long-term results of our actions today and how we can best respond to this global crisis.

The way I see it, we are at a tipping point. All the technology before us can allow us to usher in a digital golden age that allows for humanity to rise together and empower people to have control in their physical and digital lives. Or it can be turned against us in a top-down dystopic system of total control. A society where our every move is tracked, where our ability to travel is a privilege and not a right, where our data is used and sold without our knowledge and then weaponized against us to influence our behaviour, beliefs, and purchasing decisions. 

If we give away control of our money, identity and data as a reaction to COVID, I am concerned that we will never get them back. 

My mission is to see that people understand the immense value of personal privacy and to empower people with technology that unlocks this value. 

 As humans, we all have the right to personal privacy. Take for example the content of our physical wallets. We control our wallets, we protect it, its contents are under our physical control. The cash we have in our wallets we control. The cards we have in our wallets we control. The receipts we have in our wallets we control.

When it comes to our digital life and our personal data, we have no control. Mega-corporations like  Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon etc. hold and profit from our personal data. Our money is held in banks which means it's the banks money and we hold a promise. Our stocks, our investment in other companies' success, are stored on centralized ledgers by third parties. Our medical data is stored with our doctors and our governments in disconnected centralized databases. Our ID cards, passports, voting rights, real-estate titles, car registrations, and more are mostly physical documents that reference a centralized ledger. Centralized ledgers that can be manipulated, hacked, and exploited.  

We have been on a trajectory of digitizing our currency, identity information and data for a long time. Adoption has been increasing rapidly but with the arrival of this black swan that is COVID19 we can expect global adoption of digital identity and digital currencies in the coming 2 years. Billions of people will begin storing digital keys for their money, identity and data. Where will it be stored? Who will have access to it? How will you access and interface with these keys? These are the important questions we are asking right now and developing solutions for. 

To usher in this golden age we need universal access to a secure, open-source, self-custody wallet where we each hold and control our keys. Within these wallet we can store and access all types of digital currency, identity, and data. By doing this we unlock this golden age that enables a seamless experience across services. 

Having been in the bitcoin and blockchain industry since 2013, I want to assure you that we have all the technology ready to make this go either way. I have faith in the ecosystem, its ethos, its principles and its values. In responding to the crisis, the technology ecosystem may be deceived into bringing to market solutions that further the agenda of the few at the expense of the many. 

In addition to having a secure digital wallet, we need to join forces in supporting and demanding a Bill of Universal Human Digital Rights (UHDR). A binding-agreement on behalf of governments, corporations, industries, media, intelligence, academia and more to uphold and protect every man, woman and child's right to digital identity, data, and currency. 

At Swiss Key, we are building out a super wallet. A solution that puts you in full control. Most of the pieces are in place and we are doing our best with all resources in hand to move as quickly as possible. We need your help. If you want to be involved please subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on our social channels, and reach out. If you cannot help with your time, please consider investing in the project, buying NFC-wallets, or making an anonymous donation. If nothing else, please share this message, think critically about your actions, and do your best. 

With unconditional love and gratitude,

Kyle J J Kemper

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