Frequently Asked Questions

What is Swiss Key?

Swiss Key is company and brand that is bringing to market a suite of products that make cryptocurrency simple, secure, accessible, and usable. We are partnering with many amazing projects, technologies, and people to fulfill our mission and purpose. 

Can I download the wallet?

The Swiss Key wallet is currently in development. We encourage you to join the waitlist to be notified when we launch. Our mobile wallet partner is Edge Wallet, the wallet that we consider to be the best on the planet at the moment. Do download edge wallet go to https://dl.edge.app/swisskey 

How does the card work?

Each card is a secure crypto wallet. The card has an NFC antenna to connect with mobile devices or payment terminals. From supported apps you can verify the balance, load & extract crypto.  

Swiss Key NFC Wallets

What is so special about these cards?

The cards are an easy way to store & give crypto. They don't require any setup and you can rest assured that so long as you have the card you have the crypto associated to it. 

Do I need an app to use the card?

Yes. You need the Tangem app. Swiss Key is integrating the SDK but these cards are available now and we want to help get them in the hands of people who will love them. 

What happens if I lose the card or it is stolen?

The card is like cash. Whoever has control of it can use it. If you lose the cash then you no longer control it. The same is true with a Swiss Key card. If it's stolen then the thief has control. Treat the card like cash and take care not to lose it.

Is there a way to backup the card?

No. The private key for the card  exists only on the microchip which is embedded in the card. Backing it up would mean exposing the private key which would destroy the integrity of the card's purpose. 

What is the advantage of having a Swiss Key Card?

For one, it's extremely convenient; you can receive and send crypto from it in seconds. Secondly, they're sleek & familiar; it looks like a traditional card but inside the card is tech that we consider to be one of the most important financial innovations in human history.  Thirdly, it's a great tool for education and adoption; people ask questions and you can show them how it works and start them on their crypto journey.

Can you put multiple cryptocurrencies on a single card?

No. Each card only supports one currency and a single public address at this time. If you want to have Bitcoin and Ethereum in your physical wallet you're going to need 2 cards. 

Can I give these cards as gifts?

Absolutely. These cards are amazing gifts. Thanksgiving. Christmas. Birthdays. Graduation. Retirement. Baby Showers. Weddings...these are an awesome gift for any occasion.  

You can load them with crypto and give them to a person or you can give it to them empty. The choice is yours. Compared to the traditional ways that crypto has been gifted  (cold-wallets, seed phrases, hardware wallets etc.), these cards are simple, can be held in your hand, and are easy to understand and use.  

Can I tap and pay at any terminal like a credit card?

Not yet. There are some interesting developments in the pipeline and there are some point-of-sale companies, including cyclebit.com, who are working on making it seamless. Check out this video demo!

Do the cards come loaded with crypto?

No. That would be cool but would create new challenges. These cards are empty when shipped. 

I think these would be great swag for my company. Can I have custom cards made?

These cards are the ultimate swag. If you are interested in wholesale, reselling, & custom orders email us.