Meet the team behind Swiss Key.

Kyle Kemper 

CEO & Founder 

Kyle Kemper is a visionary strategist, technologist, artist and crypto veteran who has personally activated thousands of digital currency wallets. He knows wallets. He knows crypto. He knows keys. He is the CEO and founder of the Swiss Key and is committed to seeing the world have an easy and secure way to use and benefit from crypto and blockchain. Since 2013, Kyle has been deeply involved in the cryptocurrency space having worked with, advised, and mentored companies and organizations including CAVIRTEX, Changetip, Kraken, the Blockchain Association of Canada, Coinberry, Datawallet and others.


Seth Chaps

Art Director

Seth Chaps is a strategic visual designer currently based in Boulder, Colorado. He specializes in a holistic approach to working with brands. From preliminary research, to brand positioning, to conceptualizing a strategic visual identity, to the extension of the identity & message through various channels. Seth is the Art Director & Designer for Swiss Key assuring that our brand image is consistent, inspires quality and security.


Kirk Phillips

Director of Finance

Kirk Phillips, aka the The Bitcoin CPA™, is author of The Ultimate Bitcoin Business Guide™ and articles in yBitcoin Magazine, Bitcoin Magazine and CoinDesk. Kirk wrote and produced the AICPA’s Blockchain Fundamentals Course in 2018 and he is completing the Blockchain for Insurance Course 2019. He is also a member of the AICPA Virtual Currency Task Force which issued a revised IRS comment letter on virtual currencies in May 2018. Kirk regularly speaks and educates CPAs and attorneys on blockchain and cryptocurrencies and also has a boutique consulting practice in the space. He is one of the first Certified Bitcoin Professionals (CBP) and the first CPA to accept bitcoin in 2014. 


Brittany Lindstrom

Marketing & Events

Brittany Lindstrom has been described as the “directrice de l’ambiance” for the love and attention to detail she puts into any project she touches. Brittany brings the essence of the divine feminine to reality. Brittany is Kyle’s wife, cosmic coordinator and responsible for assuring that the non-technical experience of Swiss Key is purposeful, professional, and powerful.



Christopher S. Harrison

Christopher S. Harrison is the founder of Sterlington, an innovative alternative legal service business based in New York City.  Having managed billions of dollars in successful investment transactions, Chris earned a reputation as a negotiator and business strategist. During his eight years at Cravath, he handled numerous high-profile debt, equity, and M&A deals. As Co-Head of the market-leading asset management M&A practice at Schulte, he ran some of the most sophisticated public and private deals and facilitated the strategic growth of several prominent asset management businesses.

Chris published through Bloomberg “Make the Deal: Negotiating Mergers & Acquisitions”, which launched as the #1 New Release in both M&A and Corporate Finance. Marty Lipton of Wachtell Lipton referred to him as “a highly regarded M&A practitioner and adjunct professor” and to his book as “a very useful text for both experienced M&A lawyers and for young lawyers.” Tom Russo, former GC of AIG, referred to the book as “a practitioner’s roadmap” that provides “valuable insight” and “a clear and concise analysis [that] demystifies the complexity of these transactions.”

Chris currently serves as Chief Investment Officer of The Falconwood Corporation, an institutional grade financial management firm and research laboratory in the alternative asset management space.

Chris teaches popular courses at NYU School of Law on negotiating M&A, and is a regular speaker at conferences. He holds a JD degree, cum laude, from NYU School of Law, where he focused on law and economics. His undergraduate work concentrated on what is now thought of a behavioral economics. 

John Scianna                                                

John is the Head of Growth at Qtum, headquarters in Shanghai, China, and played an integral role in building and specializing Qtum’s international marketing strategy, which ultimately led to partnerships with globally recognized tech brands and mentions in publications such as TechCrunch and Bloomberg. John shares the vision to activate the planet with digital wallets through Swiss Key and is a strategic advisor and founding collaborator.

Jeremias Kangas

Jeremias is one of the most impactful individuals in the bitcoin ecosystem. In 2012 he started which served as one of the greatest on-ramps to Bitcoin.

Jeremias is a seasoned IT professional. He has experience with software development, starting as a hobbyist programming in the nineties and later making a profession out of it. He has been designing and developing a wide array of IT systems, ranging from CRM/ERP systems for businesses, public sector software systems and also mobile apps for consumers.

Since 2011 Jeremias focused mostly on Bitcoin and blockchain technology, covering the service layer and various challenges with it, such as operational security. As an entrepreneur with a growth company also management, recruiting, accounting and various business development challenges are familiar to him.

Shidan Gouran

Shidan is a seed investor and advisor to a number of the leading financial technology and blockchain startups. He mined his first Bitcoin in early 2010 and has been involved with Cryptocurrencies ever since. Shidan studied Pure Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at the University of Western Ontario.

Nicholas Yosef Funke

Yosef is a creative business strategist and operational management consultant who works with award-winning entrepreneurs, innovative business leaders and impactful organizations. He playfully facilitates the transformation of limiting beliefs and opens up pathways to innovative thinking, radical collaboration, alignment and sense of purpose.

Gautham Dhaliwal

Gautham is seasoned entrepreneur with over a decade of experience working with social impact technology. Gautham is also the founder of an adventure facilitation company called conscious adventurer. 

Gary Lachance 

Gary Lachance has been a tireless advocate of Radical Decentralization for nearly a decade. He believes wholeheartedly that this movement has the power to unlock humanity’s full potential and catalyze a magnificent new era that will maximize freedom, creation and loving connection. For the past 10 years, Gary has been operating the Decentralized Dance Party; a uniquely powerful demonstration of what a Decentralized future might not only look, but feel like.

Damien Michael Nichols                                      

Damien is a multi-disciplinary technologist and strategist whose journey has taken him to all corners of the globe. A native to the Baltimore region, Damien has been evangelizing blockchain technology and building solutions that both improve the efficacy of legacy institutions as well as engineering new ones.

Damien is the founder of MaxCollab, a social impact investment company founded in 2017 whose partners have 15+ years of combined experience in the digital currency/blockchain space and are working closely with William and Mary University.

Ozgur Aksakal

Ozgur is a Partner in RadityGMBH, a Zurich-based development agency, and has a 20+ year track record of managing development teams and delivering results. In addition to his roles with Radity and Swiss Key, Ozgur is the  CTO of the Swiss Finance & Technology Association. 

Patrick Dai

Patrick is the Founder of Qtum, a top-100 cryptocurrency. Patrick can simply be described as a thinker and doer. 

Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar 

Diego was one of the pioneers of web development in Argentina and Latin America back in 1995 and has been a central figure in fostering Bitcoin technology in Latin America since 2012. He is able to understand disruptive technologies and turn them into usable tools for business and social transformation.

He learned of Bitcoin in 2011 and since 2012 he decided to completely devote himself to the creation of the Argentinean and Latam grassroot communities, he also co-founded Rootstock, the first open-source peer-to-peer smart-contract platform and payment network with a 2way peg to Bitcoin, and Koibanx, both companies aim to turn the transformative potential of Bitcoin into a reality.

He is one of the founders of the Argentinean Bitcoin Community which has over 2,000 members registered on the meetups and 20,000 members in its online community. He organized the first bitcoin conference in Latin America ( And he has a central role in spreading the word about bitcoin in the region by contributing to the creation of grassroots communities in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, México, Nicaragua, Perú, Paraguay and Uruguay.

His track record also includes being part of the founding teams of Clarín Digital (main Argentina's newspaper website), (financial community sold to Banco Santander for 750M), Internet Argentina (first Argentinean ISP to provide ADSL), and Edunexo (provider of a SaaS platform to administer public and private educational institutions in Latin America and Spain).