Swiss Key Card


Each card is its own crypto wallet that you can hold in your hand. With it, you can send and receive crypto. You can store it in your wallet, safe, or in a treasure chest.  


Embedded within each card is a revolutionary microchip & NFC antenna that enables a seamless and secure  payment experience.


Digital currency is like having a mailbox for money. Anyone can send money to your address.

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Meet Swiss Key

It's time to make distributed technology simple, accessible, and secure for everyone on the planet.

It starts with a smart card that makes crypto more accessible than ever before and is a key to unlocking the next wave of adoption.

Next is the mobile super wallet that is currently in development.

The vision is a solution that unifies finance, identity and data and puts you in full control.

An app that creates you a key, a vault and a command center for the Digital You.

A Super App

Easy Experience

Scan, Request &  Wallets. Three simple options that will great you when you open Swiss Key. Send or request money in seconds. 


This is your one-stop-shop for crypto. We think crypto should be easy and when you have to use lots of different solutions it's not. 

Multi-Token Support

We support thousands of digital currencies. We believe in choice. We support them all, you can use any of them. 

Convenient Crypto. Delivered with Love.

The Swiss Keys cards are the most convenient way to store and use crypto and are going to change the way we view and use crypto.  It's a physical card that complements the digital wallet.

More than a card we're creating connection & delivering a new experience. Swiss Key is dedicated to universal safe access to digital currency and identity through a vertically integrated command center. #YKYC - Your Keys, Your Control!

Swiss Key has partnered with Tangem to bring this transformative technology to the world. Visit their site to learn more about the technology within Swiss Key. To use Swiss Key cards download Tangem for iOS or Android.

Version 1.1 of the Swiss Key super app will seamlessly work with these cards. 



We all agree - EVERYONE should have a wallet, crypto is here to stay and digital assets will change the world.

Guenther Dobrauz, PwC Europe

Swiss Key - so cool - so timely -for the crypto spring

Thomas Emacora, Futurist